AC Services At Home

AC General Service

Rs.1500 (Fixed)

AC Repairing Service

Rs.1000 (Estimated)

Starting From, Exact Price Varies After Visit

AC Installation Service

Rs.2000 (Fixed)

AC Dismounting/Removal

Rs.1000 (Fixed)

Ac Master Service

Rs.2000 (Fixed)

AC Services And Repair In Pakistan

Summer in Pakistan is extremely hot, and the scorching sun makes it even worse. Heat strokes are also pretty standard. To tackle heat issues, you certainly need an air conditioner (AC) to protect yourself from the hot weather.

With rising inflation, affording an air conditioner is not easy. Therefore, once you buy it, you should keep it well-maintained to increase its lifetime. You cannot maintain yourself, so you need an AC service expert to help you.

LHMS.PK is here to take care of your problems. Our AC service experts are always available on your doorstep and provide the best services in Pakistan.

We not only deal with AC services but also have AC repair experts on our team to fix your malfunctioning air conditioners. Searching for AC service near me might yield many options on Google, but not all of them can be trusted. Therefore, book our AC repair services to get flawless services.

When Does Your AC Need A Service?

We recommend you get your AC service every year. Before summer, you should always contact your AC services before operating it. If you don’t, the dust accumulated during the winter can affect your cooling and increase electricity consumption, increasing electric bills. 

Here are some common complaints which warrant that your AC needs a service.

Ineffective Cooling

Even with a 16°C temperature, your room isn’t cold enough, which is an alarming sign for a possible gas leakage or even a more serious concern. 

This may be pretty annoying, and you must rectify this as soon as possible. First, you must determine the source of the problem. Some problems that can cause inadequate AC cooling:

  • Blocked Air Filters

  • Dirty Condenser Coils

  • Defective Compressor

To remedy these issues, you’ll need our qualified and competent AC repair technicians to clean the dirt from your AC’s air filters and condenser coils. They can also manage your air conditioner’s compressor, which is the most critical component for compressing coolants and ensuring proper cooling.

Water Leaking In Room

Leaks in your air conditioner can cause a mess in your room. This can also result in internal rusting of the copper wiring. This is commonly caused by clogging the condensate line (drain pipe). This pipe transports evaporated water. Little insects, birds nesting, detritus, and molds need services and cleanliness regularly; if not done, the pipeline is clogged, which causes water to leak straight into your room.

Unusual Sounds

It is concerning if odd sounds are emanating from your air conditioner. The compressor may be damaged, lacking in refrigerant or gas, or its fan may be faulty. In such cases, you should be vigilant and examine the AC to avoid sweating and overspending.

AC Repair Services Offered By LHMS.PK

Our LHMS.PK AC maintenance and repair team consists of highly trained and licensed AC professionals that provide the highest quality AC repair and maintenance services to houses throughout Pakistan. We frequently provide the following air conditioning services:

  • AC Installation Services – We Install New AC Units For Your Home.

  • AC Repair Services – We Repair & Fix Your AC For All AC Breakdowns.

  • AC Maintenance Services – We Clean And Maintain Your AC To Prevent It From Unnecessary Faults.

 If you’re seeking the best AC service near me, you must come to LHMS.PK. Our technicians are always ready to fix your problems.

Why Choose LHMS.PK AC Repair Service?

Express Availability 

Our skilled AC service experts will fix any problem you have the same day, so you won’t have to wait longer before relaxing in your cool room. Furthermore, the AC repair professionals will come to your place within 24 hours of your booking through LHMS.PK. 

100% Satisfaction 

Our highly qualified air conditioning technicians will not leave your house until all issues have been resolved. They will also help and advise you on how to avoid such problems. We will go to any length to settle your issues and guarantee client satisfaction. We guarantee complete satisfaction while keeping AC servicing costs to a minimum.

Trustworthy Technicians

Keeping security as our first concern, our skilled technicians are fully licensed and guaranteed, so you can be confident that all AC work is protected. We only work with trustworthy, reputable, and background-checked specialists, so you can forget about any trust worries when you hire with LHMS.PK.

Easy Booking 

Nothing is lost with a booking staff consisting of experienced maintenance specialists and supported by skilled craftsmen. Before producing a quick, precise diagnostic and offering an immediate or impending quotation, we ensure that we understand exactly what you want.

What Are The Benefits Of AC Service?

Cooling Improvement

Regular AC service keeps your AC running smoothly by guaranteeing all mechanical components are in good operating order and removing dust and bacteria. AC systems that are serviced on a regular basis are more dependable and keep your air cool and safe.


Dirty air conditioners work significantly harder to cool under challenging conditions, increasing energy usage and higher costs. AC maintenance improves efficiency and reduces costs.


Regular AC servicing allows us to detect any problems early before they negatively influence your unit’s safe and efficient operation.

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